Put an End to Flickering Lights

Put an End to Flickering Lights

Arrange for electrical services in Virginia Beach, VA

Do you have a light that won't stop flickering or dimming? Maybe you replaced it, but the problem is still there. You might have a problem with the light fixture itself. Quality Electrical Service provides electrical services in the Virginia Beach, VA area and can figure out what's wrong. From outlets and switches to fixtures and circuit breakers, we can repair any part of your electrical system to keep your house working properly.

Call our local electrician at 757-672-7874 to make an appointment for repairs.

Why you should work with Quality Electrical Service

At Quality Electrical Service, we're so dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable electrical services that we put it in our name. Choose us when you have an electrical problem because...

  • Our master electrician has over a decade of experience and can solve any problem
  • We provide timely repairs so you don't have to wait around for help
  • We offer affordable prices so you won't be shocked by your bill

As a licensed and insured Class A contractor, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. Ask for a free estimate on the electrical services you need when you contact us now.

Electrical Panels | Generators | Troubleshooting

You were excited to install a new refrigerator or washing machine. Until you plugged it in and your power went out. Modern appliances use more power than traditional models, and your electrical panel might not generate enough electricity to keep your electrical system running.

You can call on our local electrician to upgrade your home with a brand-new panel. We'll make sure you have enough power for everything in your home so you don't have to deal with a constantly tripping circuit breaker. Make the change by contacting us today.