You spent the night dreaming of an all-star breakfast only to wake up in the morning hungry, ready to prepare breakfast, and find your refrigerator is dark and your food is warm.

Moreover, you have no idea what items to keep and throw out. You run to the electrical panel to check the breaker, and – sure enough – it’s tripped. Who knows how long it’s been like that. And more importantly – why is it like that?

Tripped breakers can happen for many different reasons.


The most common is an overloaded circuit. Maybe you have multiple units on one refrigerator and a deep freezer.

Moreover, that can undoubtedly cause overload. Furthermore, there could also be hazardous underlying causes, as well.

The best thing to do is call a trusted electrical professional to safely and accurately pinpoint the problem.

Call the electrical professionals at Quality Service Electric. Above, all we are fully licensed electricians ready to service your home or business.

Refrigerator Circuit Install Virginia Beach

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