As styles change, recessed lighting is quickly becoming one of the most on-demand lighting features on the market. The sleek and subtle look of recessed cans is increasing in popularity every day.

What are recessed cans (also known as recessed can lighting or “high hats”)? Recessed cans are fixtures that are installed directly into the ceiling, creating a clean, smooth appearance. They are composed of three parts – housing, trim, and bulb.

The housing is the part of the fixture that is hidden within the ceiling and holds the electrical components for the light. The trim is the visible portion of the light – the ring you see around the edge of the light. And the bulb, of course, is the component that produces light.

What are Canless light fixtures?

Unlike recessed cans which are a three-part unit, a can less light is a single unit. The housing, trim, and bulb are one complete fixture. They are installed into the ceiling in the same way a recessed can is installed, with all but the trim and light hidden from view.

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