If you’ve ever taken a look inside your panel, you’ve surely noticed that there are breakers in many different sizes.

Each breaker can handle an electrical load up to a certain amount of amps. You’ll find a breaker’s load capacity designated on the breaker switch.


Your larger breakers – 30 amps and higher – are designed to sustain larger equipment that requires much larger amounts of power to operate – think refrigerators, stoves and ovens, A/C units, and other large appliances.

Most of these appliances will use up the entire load for the circuit, so it’s necessary for each large appliance to have its own circuit and breaker, what we call a “dedicated circuit”.

Examples of items that require a dedicated circuit:

  • Kitchen appliances – refrigerators, stoves & ranges, double ovens & wall oven units, and microwaves
  • Utility appliances – clothes washers and dryers
  • Air conditioning and heating units
Dedicated Circuits Install Virginia Beach

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