How many times have you or someone in your home been doing an ordinary, everyday task – blow drying hair, running a space heater, making toast – only to have the lights go out and the small appliance stop working? We’ve all been there at one point or another.

Residential Circuits

As every homeowner knows, every electrical component in your home begins at your electrical panel, or “breaker box”. And we all know what to do when we experience that loss of power. When the lights go out, we go check the breaker. When the hair dryer stops working, we go check the breaker.

Each of those breakers controls a circuit. A circuit can be dedicated to one electrical component, such as a clothes dryer or microwave. Or it can control several components, like all the outlets in a room or hallway.

Residential Circuit Panel Boxes

If you’ve ever taken a look inside your panel, you’ve surely noticed that there are breakers in many different sizes, and these breakers control one circuit each. A circuit can handle an electrical load up to a certain number of amps. You’ll find a breaker’s load capacity designated on the breaker switch.

Your smaller breakers – 15-20 amps – are probably those of which you have the most. These are the circuits used for the more common elements in your home – outlets, switches, lights, ceiling fans, etc. Your larger breakers – 30 amps and higher – are designed to sustain larger equipment that require much larger amounts of power to operate – think refrigerators, stoves and ovens, A/C units, and other large appliances.

When Circuits Become Overloaded

When a circuit becomes overloaded – meaning too much power is being drawn from any one particular circuit – the breaker trips. Maybe you tried to plug too many things in at one time or maybe you’ve added a new electrical item to a room that was already maxed out on power. Whatever the problem, it’s time to look at resolutions to your circuitry problem before it becomes hazardous.

Quality Electrical Service can handle all your circuit needs, whether that’s troubleshooting existing circuit problems and making recommendations, or adding new circuits and/or dedicated circuits for new components or large appliances. Contact us today for to schedule your appointment.

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