Most circuits in your home range on the smaller side and do not draw over 15 to 20 amps. For example, all the lights in a room can share one single 15-amp circuit.

In the same way, an entire bathroom and bedroom can share one breaker. On the other hand, major appliances by themselves will pull over three times as much power as the bedroom and bathroom combined.

Larger appliances receive their dedicated circuit because of the large amounts of energy needed to operate these units.

240/250-volt, 50-amp circuits

Stove and range circuits require a 240/250-volt, 50-amp circuit. These circuits run directly to the panel and share power with nothing else in the home.

This connection allows a consistent and steady energy flow, making the appliance safe to operate and problems easier to identify. Call the electrical professionals at Quality Service Electric. We are fully licensed electricians ready to service your home or business.

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